401k funds money… is it good or bad

In this article, we discuss reverse of Dollar Cost Averaging and why you must seek an alternative to the stock market for your retirement income needs.

Everyone knows that the stock market goes up and goes down. So how can you plan for your retirement when you don’t know how much money you will have in the future, don’t know how much income it will produce and most importantly, don’t know how long the income will last? Continue reading

Spousal Surviving Pension options for Pension Retirement System

Many find themselves working for an employer with a pension retirement plan and now have to decide whether to provide a surviving pension benefit for their spouse.  Let’s kick this idea around a bit.

Let’s say that you have the following options:
Full Retirement = $3,000 per month.
Reduction in Pension to cover Spouse $300.00 per month.
Net Reduced benefit = $2,700 per month.

If you do the math, you will find that you are giving up $3,600 per year to cover you spouse and that will only cover her for half of what you are receiving.  Question… Could you take full retirement and buy life insurance to cover your spouse’s interest for possible $300.00 per month or less? Continue reading

Police Retirement Cut in San Jose, CA Who’s Next

The city of San Jose, CA voter’s passed pension reform on June 5, 2012. The city’s pension payments for public employees such as police retirement and firemen had increased more than three fold in the past 10 years. First responders like law enforcement and fire personnel have had a special retirement feature that other public employees do not enjoy. They can retire after 20 years of service. Continue reading