Indexed Annuities May Offer Best Way to Manage 401k during Retirement

Managing 401k money during retirement is a challenge that Indexed Annuities may well offer the best solution. There are two things we know about the market. 1) it will go up 2) It will go down. … Continue reading

Dow Jones Six Month Prediction from Market Today

The Dow Jones is predicted to lose approximately 9% by the end of December 2012 according to Financial Forecast Center a 15 years online forecasting service with a 97.5% accuracy rate. According to their prediction, The Down Jones Industrial … Continue reading

Pension Retirement Benfits – Part 4 Solutions for Retirees

Solutions to “shore up” retirement incomes: With all the changes in our economy, investment uncertainty, and bankrupt pension plans, what retirees need is solid solutions to solving their retirement income woes.  Consideration must be give to all possible solutions including … Continue reading

Pension Retirement Benfits – Part 2 Defined Contributions Plans

Defined Contribution Plans: Defined Contribution plans include 401K employer plans, Thrift Savings Plans (TSP) for Federal Employees and Individual Retirement Accounts for Individuals. The significant difference is that these plans do not guarantee the benefit that will be received at … Continue reading

Spousal Surviving Pension options for Pension Retirement System

Many find themselves working for an employer with a pension retirement plan and now have to decide whether to provide a surviving pension benefit for their spouse.  Let’s kick this idea around a bit. Let’s say that you have the … Continue reading