Health Care Reform Needed for Retirees during Retirement

The Debate is on for health care reform and especially for those in their retirement years. Let’s face it.  Older people use the “Lion’s Share” of health care in this country… expensive care I might ad.  The debate is “what … Continue reading

Wharton School of Business – Retirement Annuities Increase Retirement Funds Money

According to Wharton School of Business, you can increase your monthly retirement income from  your retirement funds money up to  25% to 40% by using a special type of annuity product with an insurance company as opposed to other retirement … Continue reading

Indexed Annuities now offer Leveraged Life Income Options and take the “Worry” out of 401k, TSP and IRA funds money

Your 401K, TSP and IRA funds money is for your retirement years… so what is important is how much monthly income it will produce and will it continue all of your retirement years that you live.  The number one worry … Continue reading

Indexed Annuities May Offer Best Way to Manage 401k during Retirement

Managing 401k money during retirement is a challenge that Indexed Annuities may well offer the best solution. There are two things we know about the market. 1) it will go up 2) It will go down. … Continue reading

Dow Jones Six Month Prediction from Market Today

The Dow Jones is predicted to lose approximately 9% by the end of December 2012 according to Financial Forecast Center a 15 years online forecasting service with a 97.5% accuracy rate. According to their prediction, The Down Jones Industrial … Continue reading