About Dave

Dave Gilliland

My journey in the insurance and financial industry started accidentally 39 years ago. It was my intent only to take a sales job with Metropolitan Life in Monroe, La in 1975 until I could find a “real” job following graduating from Louisiana Tech University. I had success early and fell in love with the industry.

During my tenure, my practice included a broad array of services to a broad cross-section of clients. I’ve worked in the individual marketplace, business marketplace and even the public marketplace. Products include life, health, group health, payroll plans and retirement planning. I believe that it is this great diversity of experiences that positions me well to assist those in planning for a worry free retirement.

Today, I work with a limited client base helping them re-position their life’s savings to make sure that their Golden Years are truly Golden.

We have as our objective to provide three benefits to our clients.

  1. Position funds where clients can not lose money
  2. Offer higher than market rates
  3. Provide Monthly Incomes that the client/clients can not outlive

If you have Questions about your retirement needs, please feel free to contact me.

Dave Gilliland, Monroe, LA